For a vocal evaluation, send a recording of your voice, with an instrumental track or simply a cappella. It’s as easy as recording your voice to your phone and sending the audio file.
The evaluation will include:
* Quality of your voice
* Color of your voice
* Energy
* Delivery
* Strengths and weaknesses


Vocal coaching is a must for every artist, amateur or professional. Learning how to develop, use and protect your voice is crucial for your success and career.

I have devoted decades to the study of voice training and have taught numerous artists how to develop and transform their voices into what they are meant to be,while realizing and revealing their vocal’s secrets, so that they can deliver jaw dropping performances.

Every voice is unique and has blocks and challenges. I train artists to know and recognize their vocal strengths and weaknesses and how to work through them to become a true vocalist who can sing and expand their range. 

Send me a message to schedule an in-person or remote-vocal-coaching-session so that we can get to work.  



Learn how to sing, perform and record the best lead vocal for your vocal range to give your songs new life.  We work with artists and train them how to protect, maintain and deliver vocally for longevity and impact.  



Singing backing vocals is a unique talent not everyone has.  Even if you can record a perfect lead vocal it doesn’t mean you will be able to perform the backing vocals for it. I’ve been teaching artists for decades how to sing background harmonies, so whether you want to add your own backing vocals to your songs or want to be a background singer, I work with you to develop your ear and vocal skills to meet the challenge. I can also record any type/gender of singers to add backing vocals to your tracks.

Before entering the studio:

Recording in a recording studio can be a very exciting experience for some people and a very stressing one for others. Come to the studio prepared, and save time, money and frustration by rehearsing with me before you record your song. Have a face-to- face session or a remote one via phone, Skype, Facebook or Whatsapp. I will prepare you for your studio recording and can even “go with you” to the studio (using these apps) to supervise the recording and help you maximize your performance and the time you spend in the studio. Send me a detailed message.

Before a show:

Performing in front of a crowd can be magical for some artists and a nightmare for others Even very experienced performers sometimes have serious stage fright. It is always recommended to rehearse before a show and I am an expert at working with talents and preparing them for a show.    
It’s time to move past your fears and settle in for the ultimate stage experience.  
Send me a detailed message.

Vocal healing:

The power of the human voice can be mind boggling. There is so much information in and around people’s voices – The sound of their voice, the color of it, the way they use it, its volume, energy and tone.

People often use their voice as a weapon, as if they’re whipping people with it. Our voices were not designed to carry all that stress and anger, but rather as a means to express our true voice, one that is meant to heal ourselves internally, externally and outside of ourselves.  

Many people are unaware that they are abusing their vocal cords, resulting in husky, muffled or unpleasant voices. A lot of mental challenges, like anxiety and stress, could be easily diagnosed when working with one’s voice.

As a Certified Vocal Healer, Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner & Theta healer. I have been helping people work through and move past their vocal blocks for over two decades. 

Today my main focus is upon Theta Healing, while integrating my other healing methods to help people.

What is Theta Healing? It is a method of healing which treats any imaginable issue; physical, emotional, social, anything and everything which blocks our lives.  

It is channeling based, which means every step of it is guided from an external source – Nothing is an opinion and all the information comes from a higher plane (divinity).  

It is like a research on your life with resolutions coming from divinity.  We all think we know ourselves, but there’s so much junk in the backyard of our minds that have been rooted in our subconscious.  Unresolved, we are unaware of these issues that need to be resolved so that we can move past our setbacks to ascend physically as well as spiritually.

Being an artist and a singer, I have a deeper connection to the human voice. The combination of being an artist and a healer has brought me additional depth and awareness in both fields, as these two work very well together, especially when helping artists.

If you want to learn and have a deeper understanding about your inner-self I can help you through my voice therapy techniques.  Whether you are an artist, singer, voice over artist, narrator, announcer or none of the above I can help you.

If you suffer from vocal issues, vocal cords, lungs or chest issues, my vocal healing session will help you regain your true voice and authentic life back (Yeah, I meant “life”).

Schedule a healing session with me.