My name is Uri Kabiri and entertainment is my purpose. I am a musician, songwriter, music composer, lyricist, vocal producer, music producer, singer & voice-over artist.

I am also a TV & Film actor, dub artist and voice expert.

I was born and raised in Israel and word spread fast about “the kid wonder” who opened his very own commercial recording studio at the eager age of 12!

As one client told the next, my studio & experience continued to grow. As my studio gained popularity, I had the privilege of working with the best artists,
musicians, songwriters, singers, actors and celebrities in Israel.

Soon, I had the opportunity to act and at age 15, had a major role in the Israeli cult comedy “Alex Hole Ahave” (In Hebrew – “Lovesick Alex”), which became one of the most popular Israeli comedies of all time!

At 18, I joined the Israeli Air Force and further pursued my passion for entertainment & music.

That was when I joined the Israeli Air Force entertainment group, where I contributed my gifts as a singer, actor and music composer.

Upon completing my Air Force service it was back to my career in the entertainment industry, where my experience and reputation continued to grow, until it was time to take the next step: Music City USA – Nashville, Tennessee!

I instantly fell in love with the soul of this city and that was it – I opened my recording studio, pushing the envelope further in the heart of the American music industry!

I have been very fortunate in my career with vast experience, producing numerous albums, singles, projects, music for musicals, music for Film & TV (“Sex And The City”, “The Sopranos”, “Malcolm In The Middle” & “Kickin’ It Old School (Dawg)”, to name a few) and guiding various types of artists in many popular music genres.

In my personal life, I am committed to well-being, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle that has turned into becoming a holistic life coach as a way to give back to my community.