Music Evaluation

Creating music is extremely fulfilling but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s marketable. Friends and family may give you positive feedback but having the right ear with a well-rounded knowledge of the industry can help you take your music to the next level. Uri Kabiri Productions works in collaboration with artists, leading them through the evolution of their music, taking it from a melody in the artist’s mind to the mainstream.

Send your tracks first, and only after I listen to your tracks and confirm I have valuable feedback about these tracks will you be asked to pay.

The reason for this is that some people send well executed tracks that do not require my feedback, therefore it is not worth paying for.


I work with you to help develop your works.

Send me your music tracks for a written/live evaluation (phone, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp) to help you along the way, including:
* Commercial appeal
* Music production
* Music arrangement
* Delivery
* Energy
* Length
* Tempo
* Strengths and weaknesses

Music Production

The way a song/track sounds, is produced and musically arranged can make the difference between touching the masses and being a total flop. The tempo, the beat, the sound, the harmonies, instruments, vocals, backing vocals and their mix ALL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE between a song being taken seriously or falling by the wayside.


Send me the tracks you want produced! Simply send a detailed message, describing your vision and the goal that you have for them. Whether your goal is to stay to your roots or to pitch to the mainstream, send the tracks you want produced and I will take them to the next level.

Music For Film & T.V.

The Film & TV markets are in constant demand for new tracks and give artists another outlet to create and make a living.

Many artists make a successful living creating music for these industries.


Send me the tracks you want pitched to Film and TV outlets and I’ll produce them for that purpose.