Uris Biography

Uri Kabiri is a successful songwriter, music composer, music producer, sound engineer & recording studio owner, where he also contributes as a dub artist & voice-over artist, singing coach, voice-over coach and songwriting coach.


Chapter 1

Born and raised in Israel, Uri began to sing before he could even speak. Growing up with his divorced mother in the city of Rehovot, Israel, she recognized his affinity for music early on and sent him to a specialized program for learning where he was taught to develop rhythm as a toddler at the age of 3! First, Uri learned to play the organ, drums, flute and trumpet, from there he learned orchestral cymbals at Rehovot’s youth band.

By the age of 8, Uri studied music theory, music harmony, singing and solfeggio.

At 12, his mother sent him to Tel Aviv University, to the prestigious “Institute For The Development Of Highly Intelligent Teens For Creativity And Excellence”, founded by the late Dr. Erica Landau. It was there that Uri was discovered to be a child prodigy and a genius. From there he proceeded to take classes at the University.

Childhood Prodigy

Recording Studio

Chapter 2

At the age of 9, Uri’s mother sent him to a music school, where he learned how to play the drums and his mother fell in love with his drum instructor at the school.

The two soon got married and opened the best drum school in Israel, named “Metronome”. That school produced many of the top drummers in the country.

Some of whom later left Israel to become prominent drummers abroad, especially in America. The most famous of them all is Nir Zidkyahu who’s played drums for Genesis, John Mayer and other artists like Joss Stone and Jason Mraz.

Inside Metronome was a small recording studio that Uri started managing and operating. He was only 12. That studio is where he began to learn the art of sound recording.

Uri recorded the school’s students as well as his own music. But everything changed the day an actual grown-up client came through the doors asking Uri to record a music track for him. Very pleased with Uri’s work, the man told a friend about the talented kid and that friend told another. Word spread fast about the child prodigy who was officially now “in” the music business where he still gratefully works today.

The Early Days

Acting & Singing

Chapter 3

At 15, Uri appeared in his first movie, the Israeli cult classic “Alex Hole Ahava” (Lovesick Alex). This also led him to doing voice-over work when he was 18, during his three years of service in the Israeli Air Force entertainment group. During his service he continued to participate in film & TV as well as record and create in his studio.

In 1992 Uri musically produced the Israeli vocals for the Israeli version of American hit TV series “Tiny Toon Adventures,” and American Feature Film “Tiny Toons – The Movie”.

Here he got to remotely work with legendary producer Steven Spielberg, who approved Uri’s musical work. Uri also went on to dub and sing in the Movies-Made-For-Television:

“Tiny Toons – The Movie” (1992) and “(King) Babar – The Movie” (1993),


Today & Beyond

Chapter 4

Today, Uri’s works have been featured in American TV and Hollywood Films, airing in the US (HBO, TBS, CINEMAX, MTV, VOD) and in 44 countries around the globe.

For over three decades Uri has been involved in all aspects of the entertainment business where he passionately continues along his childhood path successfully as a musical director, musical producer, vocal producer, singer and composer for film & TV.

The Now