Creating music, songwriting and singing bring with them so many questions and fears.

A lot of people can technically write a song on their own but not every songwriter is equally talented in writing both lyrics and music. Reaching out to other songwriters will not only benefit your songs, but it will also help take them to another level. I work to create beautiful and long lasting collaborative partnerships. Collaborations is all about chemistry and building a bond. Trust, talent and openness, vulnerability, honesty and authenticity is what it takes in order to create songs together and it is how I conduct myself in my work and in my personal life as well.

For more than 20 years I have been collaborating with dozens of lyricists, resulting in hundreds of songs. Many of which are in film & TV, music albums and mainstream radio. I am always in search of new and fruitful collaboration partners. My strong suit is music and the best fit for me when I collaborate would be a lyricist. We all know how demanding the music industry is lyrically. Hence, one of Nashville’s nicknames is “Lyric town”.

People who are not connected to the Nashville’s music scene have no idea how demanding it is regarding lyrics. For an artist to cut one of our songs, a song pitched in Nashville nowadays needs to be fresh, unique and memorable, in order to be marketable and profitable. I have years of experience in collaboration with collaborative success.

Want to collaborate with me?

Send me a detailed message and tell me about yourself, your writing styles/genres, your goals with your songs and your writing/collaborating experience.